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Dear Railway Modeler Friends,

we finally completed all the administration and operational activities in order to initiate the direct sale of accessories and spare parts on the web thus complementing our range of models on the catalog and on sale only at all ACME-Resellers.

It was a long process which we hope will meet the satisfaction of all our customers and will enable all the modelers, who for various reasons do not always have the possibility of reaching the retailer, however, to obtain what is necessary for their repair and processing.

As we all know, the management of this service is particularly burdensome for the need to handle thousands of small pieces (and we all know why, modelers!) and for the management of shipping; so we kindly ask you to work altogether to provide you an effective and efficient service, by just following some simple rules which are shown below:

- On the site you will find both the spare parts and the accessories, for the purchase of the first please always check the instruction sheet of the model that the codes are corresponding to the pieces you actually need in order to avoid errors and misunderstandings, until an order is placed we cannot change it!

- The accessories of ACME are primarily for the processing and are compatible with our models but we are not able to communicate if, for example, a pair of bogies can be mounted under a carriage from another manufacturer. The modelers used to kitbashing already know these matters, but for everyone's clarity we write it down!

- The prices indicated in the individual articles are to the public and are the same that you will find at ACME retail shops, the shipment will be made within two working days from the date of receipt of the order to the address you provided at the time of purchase and Payment.

- At the end of your research and purchases do not forget to complete the payment on the devoted page, only this way the purchase transaction will be completed and shipped to your address. Unfortunately we can not accept orders for material in stand-by or carry out other forms of payment, but remember that with PayPal you can also pay with a credit card, without further expenses!

Finally, two notes: on the site there are also offered for sale some bodies of models in limited series, so to avoid the creation of false limited models replacement will occur only after having received (at the expense of the sender, who is recommended to check the actual arrival of the piece at the ACME) the original damaged body  that the corresponds to the article. After seven days from purchase, if ACME won't have received the original piece, we will forced to cancel the order.

Regarding the warranty, ACME of course provides all the accessories and spare parts in full compliance with Community legislation in force, but it is important to remember that the warranty on the models ends as soon as any work on them is carried out (replacement of axles, replacement of parts such as engine, bogies, pantographs, installation of decoders etc.) unless these activities are carried out at one of the stores authorized and approved by ACME.

Now that's all, have fun by ACME Team!

Bodies of items in Limited Edition PDF Print E-mail

Please recall that the articles AC1_6006020, AC1_6010020, AC1_6014120 and AC1_6025020 (visible in the thumbnails below) are sold regularly on this web shop but will be sent only after the return (at his own expense by the buyer) of the damaged original boxes.

Those who will purchase them will not see their entire order processed until ACME won't receive the original damaged bodies.


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