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Highlights ACME 2021

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Highlights ACME 2021

La Rivista della Ferrovia

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 AC60570 - Electric locomotive E. 626.139 as it was during Fifty years, with welded front box and original lamps.

AC60580 - Electric locomotive E. 626.362 as it was during Seventies years, having front box with dot and modern front lamps.

AC60542 - SKODA "Knodelpresse" Electric loko BR 180 of DB AG, in service after 1994.

 AC55251 - Set “Espresso” composed by two Type UIC-X 1970 first and second class cars, both with reduced skirts and one Type UIC-X 1968 luggage car in Eighties livery.

 AC55252 - Set “Espresso” composed by one Type UIC-X 1970 second class/restaurant car with reduced skirts, one Type UIC-X 1968 second class car and one Type UIC-X 1975 second class car in Eighties livery.

 AC55253Set Rapido Milano-Roma “Tuttoletti”, in 1965/66 period composed by one Dz 83000 luggage car, two Type M sleeping cars, one Type YC sleeping car and one Type P sleeping car. This set includes an illustrative brochure with train features.

 AC55256 - Set of two FS three axels cars Type 1931R, one 2nd class Biy 34.000, one 2nd class/luggage BDiy 67.000, both in brown.


AC55250 - Set of two Type UIC-X cars, one first class and one second class, in experimental livery, applied in 1981.

 AC50890 - Control car Type Z1A, new intercity livery.

AC52929 - ŽSSK Slowakian railways ŽSSK refurbished 2nd class car type Bmeer.




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