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"Vacanze Italiane"
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AC55248 - Set of four cars for EuroNight “Metropol-Chopin” running between, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary with MAV second class car, MAV sleeping car, PKP Type 136 second class car and PKP Type 136A rebuilt couchette car.

AC45111 - “Pasta train”. Set of two container wagons Type Sggmrss ‘90 GTS with “Barilla” and “GTS” containers.

AC40298 - “Pasta train”. Container wagon Type Sggmrss ’90 GTS with “Barilla” and “GTS” containers.

AC40299 - “Pasta train”. Container wagon Type Sggmrss ’90 GTS with “Barilla” and “GTS” containers.

AC50890 - Control car Type Z1A, in the new Intercity livery.

AC50891 - Control car Type Z1A, XMPR livery.

 AC50892 - Control car Type Z1A, test livery.

AC50302 - 2nd class Type Z salon car of Italian Railways with handicapped place. XMPR livery.

AC55204 - Three cars set formed by one 2nd class Bz 33000, one mixed ABz 60000 in two tone brown livery, and one 2nd class Bz 45000 in brown livery.




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