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JULY 2022


AC60485 - Electric locomotive E.645.024 in two tone brown livery with a red herald, without a front gutter. Locomotive depot in Milan Smistamento, in service in the second half of the 1980s.

AC60488 - Locomotive E.645.002 in full “Isabella livery”, with a red front sign, without a front raining gutter, with roof pipes. Allocated to the Milan Smistamento locomotive depot, in service in the 1990s.

AC55080 - The “Mediterraneo” was an international railway service organized by the Dutch NS-Railways during the summer to bring tourists from the Netherlands to the main Italian holiday destinations. It was an
extremely versatile train, encompassing different types of wagons.

AC55272 - Set of two cars in two-tone brown; one first class car and one second class car.

AC40365 - Articulated freight car type Sggrss 80’ PKP with two 40 ft. containers of the Chinese company “ZIH” in rail traffic between Europe and China.

AC40366 - Articulated container wagon Type Sggrss 80’ of AAE with “ZIH” containers.

AC52164 - Passenger car of the Austrian ÖBB railways type AB4üh in service condition in the 1960s (epoch III) in international traffic from Austria to various European destinations, with Wegmann bogies.

AC52165 - Mixed passenger car 1st and 2nd class type AB4üh for international traffic on the Austrian ÖBB railways and in the service condition of the 1950s / 1960s with a black stripe on the lower part of the chassis. Bogies type N28.

AC52570- ÖBB 2nd class car Bmoz “Jenbach” with one toilette and telephone compartment, in C1 livery as in service during the early Eighties.

AC52628 - Prototype Car 51 81 19-70 000-4 Amoz 1st class of the ÖBB in the first C1 livery (Eurofima) as it was in service from 1980 to 1984.

AC55101 - Az 13053 ordered 1947 with bogies 27 in Fuchs Isabella livery and yellow band at the top (from
1958), epoch III. From a technical point of view, this model reproduces the status of the cars not suitable for international service, with 4 battery boxes and 4 REC cells 24kW elements.

AC55112 - Bz 38828 ordered 1949 in castano-Isabella livery and bogies reused from AB/m, discontinued
since 1957. The livery of these cars (SIAI-Marchetti) had the characteristics of the continuation of the Isabella
bands on the access doors. In addition, the class designation "2" is painted on and inserted in a frame with rounded edges.

AC55113 - Bz 33041 ordered 1946 in castano-Isabella livery and bogies reused from AM/m, discontinued
since 1957. Characteristic chassis in FIAT design with circular ventilation openings on the windows, the gutter ends at the height of the toilet window/anteroom. Other features: 4 boxes for batteries, boxes for 4 REC elements, traditional class designations.




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