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"Sleeping car DSG"








AC52378 Sleeping car Type
WLABüm with München-Kassel bogies of
DSG, red/beige livery



"Sleeping car München-Kassel OBB"



AC52382 Sleeping car WLABmz with München-Kassel bogies, blu livery with white stripe on sides and white doors.





"Sleeping car "München-Kassel DSB"



AC52383 WLABmh174 sleeping car of DSB with München-Kassel bogies, blue livery.





"Sleeping car München-Kassel SSB"



AC52384 WLABmh 174 sleeping car of SBB with München-Kassel bogies, red livery.





"Treno Azzurro Set"

AC55193 “Treno Azzurro” set, one of the most famous Italian fast train in Fifties and Sixties, is now available in ACME “Classic Train Collection”. Five set cars with two first class Az.23000, one second
class Bz 33.000, one luggage and Breda CIWL Restaurant car, all in Epoche III livery and inscriptions. Limited edition in special prestige box with numbered certificate and original pictures





"FS Refrigerator wagon"

  AC40103 H0 Type Hg refrigerator wagon of the Italian Railways, aluminium livery .  



"FS Luggage car "

  AC40154 H0 Type Dm luggage car of the Italian Railways, slate gray livery.  



"Electric locomotive E.636.123"


AC60456  Electric locomotive E.636.123, assigned at Trieste Depot, full light brown livery.




"Restaurant Car DB WRmz 137.0"




AC52368 Restaurant Car WRmz 137.0  "DB", livery "Produkt", epoche V for Intercity and Eurocity train.




"Hellas - Istanbul Express"



AC55129 - Additional set for Hellas Istanbul Express train, formed by one OSE greek sleeping car, one Bulgarian couchette car and one 1st/2nd class Jugoslavian car.






"Locomotive E.444.004"

  AC60106 Electric Locomotive E.444.004 after rebuilding of 1986, modified with front windows of standard units.



"TEE Mediolanum"

  AC55188 Set TRANS EUROP EXPRESS 84/85 "Mediolanum" connecting Miland and Munich, formed by one Restaurant car, one luggage/generator car, two compartment cars, one salon car. Reproduction of cars as in service in the late Seventies.
  TEE Mediolanum has been one of the long-lived TEE service connecting Milano and Munchen since October 1957 up to June 1984; starting 1972 Italian Railways introduced the brand new TEE cars built by FIAT with dedicate livery; ACME model train shown as it was in end of Seventies when all cars received the class numbers on yellow painted area.



"Restaurant car DB WRkmz 858.0 livery "City Night Line"





AC52326 Restaurant Car WRkmz 858.0 "DB", livery "City Night Line" used in night train of DB and CNL, together to Couchette and Sleeping car.




"Bar car DB Bvmkz 856"





AC52349 Car of 2nd class in livery "ICE", with compartiment Bar of the series Bvmkz 856 of the "DB AG".




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